If you are new to any social networking websites and your main goal is to grow your audience so you might want to:

  • grow your youtube channel ,or
  • have 100 followers on medium to eligble for monetization , or
  • grow your instagram page to earn some passive income, or
  • facebook page to increase traffic on your facebook page or website

In all things said above , you need followers in the starting phase ,So I can gurantee you might have gone through posts like :

  • follow for follow, or
  • subscribe for subcribe and many extra phrases like that.

While you will follow or subscribe their channel or page with honesty and will expect them to follow you back or subscribe your channel. There will be clever ,corrupted people who will follow you for some time and then will unfollow you after you had followed them.

Trust me, I warn you not to get in their trap as they are fooling you . Let’s not victim of these cunning corrupted people doing such kind of things.

Let me give you an example :

I have an instagram page @chankyaneeti2022 .I had posted only 2 posts .yet everyday I am getting notification that x person had followed me ,but after I followed back this x person , in my follower list that person will be vanished.

Dont know why people want to get helped but not ready to help.

That really breaks my heart. If you are clever follower like this x person ,I would request you not to create any false hope, dont follow if you want to do such things like that.

And if you are victim like me, feeling demotivated, then have faith ,work hard and be consistent. One day you will definitely get success

In addtition to this , comment your medium profile id ,I promise you I will definitely follow you back till the time you dont get your success.


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