This is another 53 Page that helps me carry on my blogging dream. This book shares all the methods she and her partner use to run a blog with the name

In the first chapter, she explained the three questions every writer should ask themselves before starting their blogging journey and these questions are:

  • What will be your blog about? (is it about coding, kitchen recipes, medicine, music lessons, online teaching, stories, poems and list will be endless)
  • What is your Why? (you want to write as you like writing or you just want to earn money by placing ads on your blog. Remember there is a difference between a writer and business person because a writer doesn’t write for money as he wants to share his feelings with the world whereas businessman just thinks about Profit or Loss) 
  • What will you write so that your blog attracts a distinct audience? Like……If I start writing what is HTML, JAVA then it will be a waste as already more than 100 websites are telling the same. What different I am contributing or Let me explain with another example, You decide to write on weight loss and you are writing we should avoid junk food, do exercise regularly etc . that is already written by a dozen websites. What is different I am providing to the user than the answer is Nothing.

Next, She describes 5 Habits that every to be blogger should develop

  • One should write daily (If you are new to this blogging world)
  • Read daily, Share daily and learn one new thing every month 
  • Network with the right people (Like Me….hehhehe) who can help you in your blogging career
  • Be the part of the blogging community specifically that can be related to your niche if possible
  • Exercise before Writing (I always try but am not able to do that )

Next, she writes about the 5 tools which she uses to update her Social Media accounts

if you are a blogger then social media plays a vital role in connecting you with your right audience who can read, write and appreciate your work and tools that can automate this part are:

  1. Recurpost (For Sharing)
  2. Canva (For designing)
  3. Google Analytics (For tracking)
  4. Moz Toolbar ( For understanding who your competitors are)
  5. Google doc (To ultimate write your piece of writing)

This is all folks. Hope you like it. Thanks for reading. 

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