Many times it happens in our day to day life that we will get too many ideas but when we start executing everything just vanishes.

Let me give you my example, I am a developer so whenever I will sit quietly or surf the internet ideas will come like:

  • I should learn RPA (robotic process automation), or
  • I should learn about cloud computing such as AWS, Google or Azure, or
  • I should create a tool website, or
  • I should learn Machine Learning, or
  • I should Beauty Blog, or
  • I should make youtube videos, or
  • after I saw the Instagram ad showing, You can earn 1Lakh per month through Instagram, I will think of creating Instagram reels

As a result of these floating ideas, I had created:

Oh, no so many things to do and suddenly, my mind will be overwhelmed hearing all those ideas, and I will feel tired and stopped working on all these things said above and start searching for another new idea.

As a reader can you tell what wrong was happening?

Yes, you are right, I am not consistent and the monkey inside my mind is wandering here and there and leading now where or I would rather say after walking for 10 kilometres I am again on the same point where I started.

The solution I found out to solve this problem

I bought one new plain diary and named it “Ideas Bucket”. Whenever a new idea strikes my mind, I will write quickly in the diary. But before I start writing in this diary, I had defined some rules :

  • This diary will be used only for writing ideas (Nothing else should be written)
  • Every idea should start with “One day I want to …………….”
  • Research on that idea should be done after all urgent work is completed.
  • I decided to work on that idea stick to it for at least 21 days then decide you got failure or success.

Like I am supposed to write 1 medium article every day for 21 days continuously, So, First I will write the medium article and then will research on my idea.

It is often said “ It is dangerous to sail on two boats”

To be honest, we all know we all have a limited amount of energy, It is up to us whether we really want to do some productive work consistently or just want to be the victim of the clever monkey mind.

Hope you enjoy my writing

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