In my previous article, I mentioned the significant difference between Medium and Simily and today I will help you to decide to write on which platform

For Writers

You should on Medium if you :

  • are a Programmer
  • are a Technical Writer
  • are a Coder
  • want to write for publication on technology
  • want to share different ways how to earn money on Medium
  • want to share passive ways of income
  • want to share some How to or tutorials that will drive traffic to your website

You should write on Simily if you:

  • are a poet
  • want to write on a topic that interests you
  • like to write short stories
  • want to write adult stories
  • want to write about your favourite sport such as Football, Volleyball or anything like that.

For Readers

On both platforms, you are given 4 stories to read for free in one month But if you consider buying a subscription then my suggestion would be

Buy Medium Subscription if you want to read about :

  • Python
  • Django
  • Google Cloud
  • SEO
  • Passive Income ways

Buy Simily Subscription if you want to read about :

  • Sci-fi stories
  • True Stories
  • Self Help
  • Poems

But I found that many people of Medium Who are reading technical stories have a negligible interest as the majority of the searches on Medium goes for topics like :

How to get 100 followers in 2 days

How to earn money on medium

Writers sharing their Incoming ( But articles like these are pointless if you are from countries like India, Pakistan, Africa or any third world country)


trust me reading articles like these will never help in the long run as It is you ultimately had to write articles consistently. Experimenting with each site and working on no one will lead you nowhere I can guarantee you that.

As I am from India, I am not eligible to earn money in India. So I will start writing on Simily as to survive as a writer I need some money to earn. It will be less but it will be and that matters to me.

Thanks for reading my article. Hope you like it.

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