As we all know there is an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Many people think that Russia is cruel and war should be stopped by the Russian President. But I want to keep my point in front of you all, what I think about this issue

So, I think both countries are right and the explanation for this can be.

According to Russia, if Ukraine joins NATO, the USA can make Ukraine part of its military base and can threaten Russians anytime by just pointing missiles towards Russia. (I think no President will ever endanger the life of his countrymen and their coming generations). Think of Russia asking Canada to join the Soviet Union and make Canada it’s a military base. will the USA ever agree on this?? (Think Think..)

According to Ukraine, as an independent nation, they have every right to have the best protection whether in form of military aid, nuclear weapons anything to protect their country and countrymen. Being an independent nation, Ukraine can join any group they want whether NATO or the Soviet Union.

Now the question arises who is affecting more in this situation.

Then, it’s not the Ukraine of the Russian government but the soldiers and the innocent people that are killed in this war.

It’s the developing countries like India where inflation has made the life of poor people hell. If you think you are not from Russia or Ukraine, hence you are safe as this ongoing situation will not have any adverse effect on you then you are wrong my friend as I can bet you if not directly then difinetly indirectly we all will be impacted for sure.

For instance, my parents in India are earning $200 in the whole month and at present, our foodstuff is reaching up to $100, still, internet expense, petrol expense, medical expense are pending.

Reiterating, this war will not kill people outside these two countries with bombs but with a much stronger weapon known as Inflation.

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  1. That’s quite a blog.

    And there’s one of a few thing that we should also take into consideration.
    Based on how President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (portrayed by Jon Voight) said it in the film Pearl Harbor, “When I see defeat in the eyes of my countrymen, in your eyes right now, I start to think that it brought me to times like these when we all need to be reminded of who we truly are, and that we will not give up… or give in.”

    And based on how I’ve thought about it it by watching the film Air Force One starring Harrison Ford, these forces by Russia could or could not be directed towards supremacy, to a point where their nuclear arsenal could be brought into the Second Cold War, or the Third World War.
    Not only that, but I would be in complete outrage and shock if Canada joined the war with Russia.

    Given that the country is America’s neighbor, and had been supportive and helpful for us even after 9/11, I don’t think that the USA, or the American government would even agree to Canada joining Russia.
    Maybe they can join America and declare war on Russia just like they did on Japan when Pearl Harbor came under attack on December 7th, 1941, and when they declared war on Germany between 1916 to 1917.

    Whatever the case, a President, not even Bush, Obama, Trump, Putin, or any other president in the history of any country, would ever endanger the lives of his countrymen unless necessary, and if it’s absolutely imperative that they strike back immediately within the hour.

    But ultimately, the most important lesson to learn about any of this is that war never changes.
    It’s exactly the same, no matter which era it happens upon.

    That’s both my opinion, and what I think.

  2. “whether NATO or the Soviet Union.”
    A little ooopsie?

    “I think both countries are right”
    No, this is quite a clear cut case of a sovereign country doing what all other countries should’ve done but ignored for far too long. But America poked the Russian bear until they went in for 3 reasons mostly:
    – Saving the people in the Donbass from 8 years of nonstop shelling.
    – Freeing Odessa and Mariupol.
    – Getting rid of America’s puppet regime around Zelenskiy.

    “According to Russia, if Ukraine joins NATO, the USA can make Ukraine part of its military base”
    The Ukraine is such a corrupt cesspool nobody would wanna touch it with a 10′ pole. NATO doesn’t even want it, and Russia has everything they need. They just support the freedom struggle of the 2 Donbass republics, wanna get rid of the illegal nazi regime in Kiev and then pull out again.
    Once Ukraine is a real country again, they might ask Russia for friendship.

    1. Thanks for sharing your point of view.I wrote what I was shown my different media partners in my country .As India has abstained from voting so it can be said we are neutral in this current situation of war

  3. Oh, almost forgot to mention: Canada is a 100% minion of the USA; if I were Russia I’d find a more willing partner and missile base in Mexico. Better food, better weather, more fun, more common sense. Everything is nicer there. =^.^=

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