Have you ever encountered you had made a full proof plan to achieve your goal, suddenly your mind starts planning again from scratch or you are following some strict routine and one part of your mind convince you that your efforts are not worth or following this path is not giving you any positive results?

oh great.. then I think you are reading the correct article. But have patience and read this till the end.

So here I will not suggest to you what you should do or you should not do, rather I will try to highlight possible reasons why it is happening?

Let me give you an example :

I want to have some passive income by writing online. Let’s say my goal was to earn some extra money online. So, I planned that I will write at least one article every day on medium. After 2 days, Guess what happened? The plan failed terribly and of guilt, I was not able to write articles for the next 14 days.

But that doesn’t mean, I didn’t try but every time I began writing, my cunning mind convinced me that idea of writing itself is a waste of time as there are numerous writers who are not earning enough, another part of my mind suggested that I should concentrate on developing software as I am a professional developer.

Again after 2 weeks, my desire to write again rose and again I made my plan to write only on weekdays, again failed and guess what?

I am again Back to Square one

So, now instead of planning I tried carefully studying myself and investigating the reason for my failure.

The main reason for the failure of my plans was:

1. Unrealistic Undefined Goals

So, I want to write articles but am not sure Why? , for How long do I want to write articles, What will happen if I don’t get enough audience?

2. A Week Plan

I made planning without carefully understanding my inner self. I mean (How can a person like me who hates reading can write a quality-driven article without any practice). So I would suggest you plan in such a way that milestones created can be easily achievable and trackable.

3. Untracked plan

I can bet the majority of us, don’t know How to plan? as in our plans, we don’t keep any checkpoints. By Checkpoints, I mean some milestones or small goals that will keep us motivated to achieve our goals. (Therefore, as an improvement, I planned that I will write an article after two days, which means 3 articles in a week not more than that.)

4. Not consistent

Everyone wants to achieve their goal but nobody wants to work consistently.

By consistent here I mean, you have to keep doing when nobody is appreciating you (In my case writing articles when nobody is reading)

By consistent here I mean, you have to keep doing what you planned, no matter, your mind says it is not worth it.

By consistent here I mean, you have to keep doing what you planned, no matter, your mind says let’s try some other plan

(Be aware, your mind is fooling you )(Instead, Tell your mind, “I will try this for the next 21 days, if this plan will not work, We will try some other plan”)

To conclude, I hope after reading this article you can understand why you are coming Back to Square once every time you plan something to achieve your goal.

Requesting you to give honest feedback by commenting below. It will encourage me to write more articles like this.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

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