When you want to write the first problem you will face is “What should I write” then if you are like me then you will definitely you will go on Medium or any other search engine , and you will type “What topic should I write or How to decide on what topics to write?”

I know same thing happened with me many times. And if somehow you got the topic you wil come across any article like you should write daily or not. and oops… you again got confused that whether I should write or I should reseach on the article and try to write a perfect article.

I got it….congratulations you got fully trapped by the Monkey in your mind.”

But , if somehow you thought ,”No I will write anything no matter whatever the topic on which I am writing as my goal is not here to write well researched article, but to write consistently for 30 days or 2 months”, then you have already won the half battle by defeating the demon known as perfectionist.

With this I can assume that I had given the answer that you were looking for.

I iterate this again ,in case you did not understand what I am saying.

For first 30 or 2 months write an article no matter how much worse it is , but you dont have to break the streak ,you have to write continuously and dont let that evil demon to win.

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About me:

I am a python developer working in an MNC and also like to write.

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