Day 1: Why I Created this Website

This was the only question that stuck in my mind when I thought I should buy this domain. Then the answer for this is I still don’t know, but I only know that my heart said “Come, on Ashima you had to write something about you and tell this to the world.” And guess what? I did that

Next Question that come in my mind

“So you want to become a writer “

Me: Definitely not, as I am Jack of all trades .hence, I cannot do one thing for long time.

“Then ,why are you wasting your precious time ,doing unproductive work?”

Me: It might seem to be useless for the world, but this is what my heart says I should do and I feel satisfied writing this.

“Ok, Then what will you write in this”

Me: I will write all about me, some stories that I want to share with the world, some technologies, projects, and work are done by me. In all, this website will reflect who Ashima sethi is.

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