Why tinypng.com is better than onlinepngtools.com?

Let me tell you ,first about these two websites , these are used to resize the png images that have more size . PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. PNG was developed as an open system to replace GIF because one corporation owned the patent for GIF and no one else chose to pay license fees.

“Where we use websites like these? “

Ans: Websites like these are used when you are creating a website and you need images that can be loaded in the browser in less time, otherwise, you will loose your potential clients , who are interested in only seeing the pictures or can understand your content through visualization.

“Ok, I got that”

“Now why tinypng.com is better”

Ans: Honestly, I did not charge any money to write but the reviews are totally based on my experience.

First , Let me show how


According to me, the thing that I find a little difficult to work with this website is its interface is not user-friendly. For images to select, you need to select from a file instead of just drag and drop like tinypng.com

But here in tinypng , three features that I like the most are:

1.website is user-friendly and very simple

2. You can just drag and drop the images and resized image will also be there on same page and are very easy to download .

Here, tinypng looks like:

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