When and Why we fail?

Failure can be defined as the rejection or a state in which we are not able to do things that we want to do or we intend to do . All of us know in brief what a failure is , How we feel after failing ,But , few people really want to explore why we will and the specific state in which we fail.

How can I know when I Fail?? “

Me: This seems to be an interesting question and numerous people had asked me ,”How to know” , and I always say just ask yourself. For instance, I consider myself as a failure when :

I thought of completing a project and midway, I got stuck somewhere in some problem and I am unable to solve that problem, and instead of finding a way to solve the problem I just completely drop out of my plan and start working on some other project. That means I failed.


When I face some rejection and I think there is nothing left for me in this world, negativity all around me and not even single hope for everything will be alright. Yes, at this point in my life I had achieved failure successfully.

Now, you know why you failed,

Congratulations…….. you had completed the first step for becoming a happy person, mind it, not a successful person.

Why do we fail?

Me: We fail when we do something without proper planning and research and there is lack of knowledge about that subject ,just on the basis of our instinct.

Let me give you an example:

I am a Software Developer but whenever it comes to making a complex desktop application, I always failed terribly. The prime reason includes I have limited knowledge about the basics of the technology that I want to use. I want to do straightway coding without knowing what to use, where to use, and how to use it. In addition to this, I don’t want to learn conceptually, instead just want well-cooked codes written by me , served to me.

As some one rightly said:

” IF you fail to plan , YOU are planning to fail.”

So, Investigate why you fail. I am sure ,you will definitely find answer within you.

In the end , I will say ,please be happy ,Nature has given us this life to learn, to cherish all the good moments and of course, to be HAPPY

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