Best 4 Sites to solve Python Challenges

If you are an IT person, you might be aware of python. We can say that Python is the new talk of the town. It can be named as one of the best magical, super-fast, easy to learn the language. As a programmer, I also started my carrier with this fantastic language. Now, if you are a beginner or intermediate person you can learn python from numerous tutorial websites present on the internet. But when it comes to getting some hands on experience with real python challenges , the sites available are very less. So, today ,I am going to share with you top 5 python sites to prepare for your interviews and refreshing your knowledge about python.

  1. W3 This was a hidden gem for me while I was on the python job hunt. This website has really helped me a lot about getting some real hands-on experience.
  2. The site is good but the main issue with the site is it is not topic-specific. But still, the challenges given here are good to practice.
  3. Python In this website, challenges are less but they are good to practice.
  4. Langues This is a new website. Like w3resource it is also covering basic topics on python and by presenting in the question-answer format it encourages the user to try to apply their intellect and solve the questions by themselves. I found this website extremely useful.

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