Top 5 Android apps for Screen Recording

In today era of technology ,almost every second person on this planet has smartphones and internet connection . And most of the time ,we want to record our screen or what we are doing on our phones. The reason could be anything like you are teaching someone on phone or the video you are watching cannot be downloaded .

Although every smartphone comes with the built in feature of screen recording nowadays , yet in older smartphone this features is not there.

So let’s talk about 5 best Android Apps for screen recording

1.Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – Developed by Inshot inc. has more than 100M+ downloads . The prime feature of this app is it allows user to take live videos and screenshot in high quality. The only con of this app is the menu that shows on the videos

Screen Recorder 1

2. AZ Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – this app is developed by AZ Screen Recorder inc. and has more than 50M+ downloads on play store. The main feature of choosing this app is that it can record videos of live streaming. The main disadvantage of this app is it takes a lot of space to record even shortest videos and one has to enable voice recording to listen to the voice of smartphone.

Screen Recorder

3.Screen RecorderVidma Recorder: The app made by Vidma video studio has 10M+ downloads on play store . It is a light weight app used to screen audios and videos easily with full clarity ,high resolution and consume very less space . The only drawback of this app is it has ads that are too distruptive and scattered everywhere.

Screen Recorder

4.Super Screen Recorder – REC : It is developed by HappyBees & Screen Voice Recorder & Video music editor and has more than 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store . One of the positive features of this app is that it has no recording time limit , one can record video for as much time as they want to record. About the negative aspect, the ads are bit annoying yet the lagging part will be of more concern .

Screen Recorder

5.Capture Recorder Mobi Screen Recorder Video Editor: Video Recorder & game recorder & editor studio is the company that had made this app has got more than 10M+ downloads.

Screen Recorder

Want to add more screen recorders in the list . Comment below so that we can review and add in the above list.

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